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Are you curious…

…about how the underwater treadmill and rehabilitation services can help your pet?  Why not come in for a consultation and introductory treadmill session on us!  This is an ideal opportunity for:

  • Older pets that are not as mobile as they used to be
  • Pets recovering from orthopedic or neurologic surgery (TPLO, Cruciate, IVDD, etc)
  • Painful pets for whom orthopedic surgery is not an option
  • Overweight or obese pets who need some help losing a few pounds

For the month of February 2019 Dr. Waterhouse will be be providing an opportunity to discuss the rehabilitation services at LUVC, and allowing pets to try out the underwater treadmill.  There’s nothing to lose (Ok, maybe a little ‘wet dog’ smell for the day…) — let us know if you are interested!

The Fine Print:

  • This is an offer for current clients and non-clients of LUVC who have not previously utilized our rehabilitation services, and is limited to one pet per household.
  • Pets must be in good overall health; cardiovascular disease, open wounds, stitches, and diarrhea are incompatible with the treadmill — while pets with these issues cannot get onthe treadmill, we’d be happy to discuss other options!
  • Consultations are by appointment only, and must be scheduled in advance.  To request more information about scheduling, email us HERE.  Please include a little information about your pet, what issues you are hoping to improve, and what you have tried in the past.
  • We will be unable to address other health issues (bumps, behaviors, vaccines, etc) during the consultation — please schedule a regular appointment HERE if you would like to discuss any other concerns!
  • We reserve the right to modify or cancel this offer at any time.