COVID Protocol (updated 03/30/2022)

We have changed our COVID guidelines!

We are happy to announce that we are moving toward a state of normalcy — as risks associated with COVID diminish, and as regulations change, we will make adjustments to our protocol.  Please check back for updates, or DOWNLOAD OUR APP to get the most up-to-date information (it is also the most efficient ways to make medication requests and schedule appointments).


We are NO LONGER operating on a 100% ‘drop off’ basis.

Text us when you arrive — the number will be posted on the door.

  • PLEASE bring your cell phone with you to the appointment
  • SEND A TEXT to the clinic (206-467-5882) with the word “Arrived” (feel free to remain in your car for this).
  • You will get a response message that includes a form with a few short questions.  Please answer the questions and click “Check Me In”
  • A message will display confirming a successful submission.  If you do not get this confirmation, please call the office at 206-467-5882
  • The doctor’s assistant will call you back with a few questions pertaining to your visit (if you do not get a call from us within 10 minutes, please call the office at the number above)

Some visits will be ‘in person’, others will remain ‘curbside’:

  • Appointments with a veterinarian will now be IN PERSON.  That means you get to accompany your pet into the clinic when they meet with the doctor.
  • “Technician appointments” (nail trims, gland expression, labwork, removal of stitches etc.) will still be conducted ‘curbside’.  Your pet will be escorted into the clinic and returned to you once the procedure is complete.
  • Surgery and procedure drop-offs will still be curbside.

For everyone’s safety we will need to make sure a few things happen:

  • We are only able to allow TWO humans into the clinic for an appointment.  Our exam rooms are small, and we still need to practice distancing.
  • Masks are MANDATORY at this time — for clients and for the LUVC staff.  If you do not wish to wear a mask, you will not be allowed to enter the clinic.  We will be happy to conduct your pet’s appointment ‘curbside’.
  • Please, no food or drinks in the clinic.

“Curbside” appointments will operate as they have been for the last 2 years:

  • Your pet will be escorted into the clinic.
  • When their procedure (exam, nail trim, etc) is complete, someone from the clinic will call you.  This call MAY come from a blocked number, please make sure your phone is on and able to accept blocked calls.
  • You can make payment over the phone with a credit card (AMEX/VISA/MC), CARE CREDIT,  or you can pay online at  our secure online payment portal.  We have limited capacity to accept cash/checks right now.

Please do not leave the general area of the clinic while your pet is being examined/treated (unless instructed to do so…).

  • We have VERY limited capacity to keep pets in-house, and would appreciate it (as would they!) if they could be discharged as soon as their appointment has concluded.
  • Feel free to wait in your car or (if you live close) go home — but we need you to be available and able to pick up your pet within 5 minutes of the conclusion of your appointment!


We are excited to finally see a light at the end of this long and trying tunnel. We have appreciated your patience and understanding, and continue to make adjustments so that this process works as seamlessly as possible.  Rude behavior/verbal harassment/physical threats will not be tolerated. Inappropriate behavior will result in permanent termination of services. Thank you for your understanding.